BullMark Real Estate Group

BullMark Real Estate Group and affiliates are Licensed Real Estate Brokers in the State of California.  The company is founded solely by accomplished real estate professionals.  Unlike most other real estate brokerages out there, BullMark Real Estate Group was not founded by sales people, but rather real estate professionals with advanced education and real life and corporate experience with all things real estate.  All of our brokers have Bachelor degrees from top accredited universities.  Several of our brokers also have advanced degrees and are also active and inactively licensed Certified Public Accountants.  These are true professionals folks.

In addition, our team of professional sales people have been trained by the best in the business.  All professional real estate sales people are up to date on what hot in our marketplace.  We use an “Active Marketing Plan” to sell our listings as compared the the passive approach used by most of our competition.

We have two offices located in Irvine and Camarillo California.  We sell homes in most of Orange County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County.  Our team members are experts in their respective markets and we offer a full range of services including: