2020 Buying Process

BullMark Real Estate Group is in the business of matching Buyers to homes. It’s what we do, and we do it well. Here’s how we work.

We learn your requirements.

Tell us what you’re looking for, where you’re looking, and how much you’re looking to spend

We e-mail you new listings.

Before they even hit the market, we e-mail you new listings from the  MLS® system operated by your local real estate board matching your  requirement

We take you on tours.

Find something you like? We’ll book the appointment to take you to see it

We research the neighborhood.

We search past sales of similar properties to ensure you don’t overpay prior to submitting an offer

We negotiate, hard.

We negotiate tirelessly to get you the best deal possible

We celebrate!

Break out the bubbly! We congratulate you on the purchase of your new home

We manage closing.

We manage all elements of the closing, from paperwork, to financing, to lawyer coordination; we handle it all

Buy Without an Agent?

Purchasing a property directly from a listing agent without representation? Not so smart. Purchasing directly from the listing agent doubles their normal commission. They end up collecting the listing commission, and the commission typically split with the selling brokerage (representing the buyer). Often, the seller(s) will get a discount on the total commission paid. You, on the other hand, get nothing at all—except the privilege of paying double. You will also be required to agree to dual representation, which at best is a questionable practice. Read More

First Time Homebuyer Credits

Unfortunately the federal new home buyer tax credit and the California home buyer tax credit programs have expired.  The good news is that we have a first time homebuyer up to 1% of the purchase price of your home, depending on the home you select and the commissions being offered by the seller.  Ask us more about this special program as it could save you thousands. Read More


Is there a catch to the first time homebuyer credit? There are restrictions. 1) You cannot own a home currently or within the last five years. 2) The seller is offering the industry standard 3% commission.  Our minimum commission is 1.95%, and BullMark will credit first time home buyers the difference between the actual commission offered and our minimum to a max credit of 1%.  On a $500,000 purchase price where the seller is offering 3%, you will receive $5,000 as a credit.  Simple as that. Is this legal? Yes. The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA 2002) permits commission rebates to anyone who is a party to a trade in real estate. However, rebates and payments to third parties, is illegal. Do I have to find the properties I wish to view? Yes. We make it easy by sending you real-time e-mails of new listings as they are published on the MLS® System. Once you see something you’d like to visit, we’ll book the tour and take you to see it. Will you help me Read More get financed? Yes. We’ll help you determine what you can afford by putting you in touch with our mortgage specialist. So while we’ll see that you get the best deal on your purchase, our mortgage specialist will see that you get the best rate. I signed a buyer representation agreement with an agent. Can I use you instead? No. BullMark cannot, and would never advise a buyer to break a contract with his or her agent, despite the temptation of our buyer rebate service. What if the seller is offering less than 3% commission? In the event the seller is offering a lower commission, BullMark collects the first 1.95% of the buying commission, and rebates the balance to a maximum of 1%. So a seller offering 2.5% commission would see the rebate reduced to .55%. Can you help me purchase a private listing? Yes, assuming the sellers are offering at least 1.95% commission. The good news is that most private sales will cooperate with a brokerage representing a qualified buyer. When do I receive my rebate cheque? You’ll receive your rebate cheque within 10 days after funds have been received from the listing brokerage. Do I have to pay tax on the rebate? Generally, no. After all, we are simply rebating a portion of the money you’ve spent to acquire the property. But we would advise you to speak with an accountant regarding any tax implications arising from the rebate.