ACTIVE Marketing Plan

2020 Marketing Plan - The key to our marketing plan is the daily contacts made to prospective buyers and to top agents who have buyers for your home.  Traditional marketing methods of waiting for buyers to come to us (”Passive” Marketing like open houses or advertising) are not nearly as effective as physically contacting potential buyers or their buying agents and convincing them to look at your home.  “Active” marketing makes the difference and 6 days a week you can count on us to promote your home to as many buyers as possible!

  1. Load your listing in MLS system.
  2. Put an electronically secured lockbox on the property.
  3. Put our sign on the property.
  4. *Email networking groups about the home.
  5. *Call all agents who have recently shown the homes similar to yours and in the same area to see if their buyers are still available.
  6. *Call all buyers who have recently viewed homes similar to yours and in the same area. I know where the buyers are for your home, we track them!
  7. Prepare photo flyer and place at property.
  8. Prepare 800 call capture rider. (this is how we can track buyers that may have interest in your home)
  9. Prepare individual property website and mobile phone site showcasing your property and add sign rider for smart phone user access.  Buyers can see photos of your home instantly as they drive by. (this is also a great tool for tracking buyers that may have interest in your home)
  10. Target mailings to prospective buyers for your home in our database and in the nearby area.
  11. Use IDX technology to put the home on internet at and to over 350 other Top Real Estate websites.
  12. Video home for virtual open house so that your home can be viewed via computer 24 hours a day! (If appropriate)
  13. *Promote home at Local Board Broker Meetings thereby gaining access to all the Top offices in town! (Wednesdays)
  14. *Contact prospective buyers everyday, directly, ask them when they plan on moving, and tell them about your home.
  15. *Contact every qualified buyer in our database to show them your home.
  16. *Our listing coordinator will call you for showings. Please save all agent business cards as he calls agents for feedback. (Mondays)
  17. We will call you regularly with buyer feedback, market condition updates and details of what we are doing to market your home. (Fridays)
  18. E-Mail you: “CMA” on market activity – new listings and sales, changes in the market place and other suggestions for getting top dollar.
  19. Continue the above points weekly until an offer is written.
  20. Pre-qualify any prospective buyers. We will not open escrow until the employment, ratios, down payment, credit FICO scores and ability to close are all checked.
  21. Negotiate on your behalf and open escrow!
  22. Handle all negotiations, inspections and disclosures in escrow until the closing.

Once in escrow you will be assigned a transaction coordinator that will be your single point of contact. They will coordinate everything with the escrow officer. (Arrange termite, physical and appraisal inspections, order title insurance, check escrow instructions, etc.) All you need to do is sign escrow instructions and the grant deed and tell us how and where you want the proceeds delivered.

*Active, not passive marketing